Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein


Welcome to our recipe guide for Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein! If you’re a fan of Chinese takeout, you’ll love this homemade twist on a classic dish. With the help of an Instant Pot, you can whip up a delicious and healthier version of chicken lo mein in no time. Say goodbye to expensive takeout and hello to a budget-friendly meal you can enjoy right at home.

With its tender chicken, perfectly cooked spaghetti, and a medley of fresh vegetables, our Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein recipe is sure to impress your taste buds. The best part? It’s incredibly easy to make! Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned chef, this recipe will become a go-to favorite for busy weeknights.

Using an Instant Pot not only makes cooking faster, but it also infuses the flavors of the ingredients together, resulting in a mouthwatering dish that’s packed with savory goodness. Plus, by making your own chicken lo mein, you have full control over the ingredients, allowing you to customize it to your liking and dietary preferences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein is a quick and delicious homemade recipe.
  • It is a healthier and more affordable alternative to takeout.
  • Using an Instant Pot ensures the flavors are perfectly fused together.
  • You can customize the recipe to suit your taste and dietary preferences.
  • With just a few simple steps, you can enjoy a satisfying meal in no time.

What is Chicken Lo Mein and How is it Different from Chow Mein?

If you’re a fan of Chinese cuisine, you’ve likely come across chicken lo mein on the menu. But what exactly is chicken lo mein, and how does it differ from chow mein? Let’s dive into the delicious details.

Chicken lo mein is a popular Chinese dish that features tender cuts of chicken, cooked spaghetti noodles, and a colorful assortment of vegetables, all tossed together in a flavorful Asian sauce. It’s a harmonious blend of textures and flavors, resulting in a satisfying and well-balanced meal.

So, how does chicken lo mein differ from chow mein? The main distinction lies in the preparation of the noodles. In chicken lo mein, spaghetti noodles are commonly used, giving it a softer, more supple texture. On the other hand, chow mein typically features crispy, pan-fried noodles that add a delightful crunch to the dish.

While both dishes share similar ingredients such as chicken and vegetables, the cooking methods and sauce preparations set them apart. Chicken lo mein is cooked by tossing the ingredients together in a wok or pan, allowing the flavors to meld together in a quick and efficient process. Chow mein, on the other hand, involves stir-frying the noodles separately and then combining them with the chicken and vegetables.

Quick Chicken Lo Mein Recipe:

  1. Cook spaghetti noodles according to package instructions and set aside.
  2. In a wok or large pan, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add chicken and cook until browned and cooked through.
  3. Add your favorite vegetables such as bell peppers, carrots, and snap peas. Stir-fry until crisp-tender.
  4. In a small bowl, whisk together soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, ginger, and garlic. Pour the sauce over the chicken and vegetables.
  5. Add the cooked spaghetti noodles to the wok and toss everything together until well coated.
  6. Garnish with green onions and sesame seeds, then serve hot.

Creating your own chicken lo mein at home using an Instant Pot is not only a convenient option but also allows you to control the ingredients and customize the flavors to your liking. Give it a try and enjoy a delicious plate of Chinese chicken lo mein in no time.

chicken lo mein recipe image
Chicken Lo Mein Chow Mein
Soft, cooked spaghetti noodles Crispy, pan-fried noodles
Quickly cooked together in a wok Noodles stir-fried separately and then combined
Tossed in a savory Asian sauce Often served with a lighter sauce or soy-based gravy

How to Make Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein

If you’re looking for an easy chicken lo mein recipe that requires minimal cleanup, then this one-pot chicken lo mein made in an Instant Pot is the perfect choice for you. With simple ingredients and a step-by-step guide, you’ll have a delicious homemade meal in no time.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 pound chicken breast, sliced into thin strips
  • 8 ounces spaghetti
  • 2 cups mixed vegetables (such as bell peppers, carrots, and snow peas)
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons oyster sauce
  • 1 tablespoon hoisin sauce
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger

Now, let’s dive into the cooking process:

  1. First, turn on the Instant Pot and select the sauté function. Heat the vegetable oil and add the minced garlic and grated ginger. Sauté for about 1 minute until fragrant.
  2. Add the chicken strips to the Instant Pot and cook until they are browned on all sides, about 3-4 minutes.
  3. Next, add the spaghetti, mixed vegetables, soy sauce, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, and sesame oil to the Instant Pot. Give everything a good stir to ensure the sauce coats all the ingredients.
  4. Close the lid and set the Instant Pot to manual high pressure for 5 minutes.
  5. Once the cooking time is up, do a quick release of the pressure. Carefully open the lid and give the lo mein a final stir.
  6. Serve the Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein hot and garnish with some chopped green onions, if desired.

This one-pot chicken lo mein recipe is not only easy to make but also packed with flavors. The Instant Pot helps to tenderize the chicken and infuse all the ingredients with the rich sauce. Plus, with only one pot to clean, it’s a hassle-free meal that you’ll want to make again and again.

easy chicken lo mein

So, why settle for takeout when you can easily prepare a delicious and satisfying chicken lo mein at home? Grab your Instant Pot and give this recipe a try today!

Tips and Variations for Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein

Creating your own version of Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein allows you to customize the dish with your favorite ingredients and adapt it to your dietary preferences. Here are some tips and variations to elevate the flavors and make it even healthier:

1. Choose Your Vegetables

Get creative with the vegetables you add to your Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein. You can use traditional options like bell peppers, broccoli, and carrots, or experiment with different combinations. Consider adding snow peas, mushrooms, or baby corn for an extra crunch and a burst of flavors.

2. Try Different Proteins

Chicken is a classic choice for this dish, but don’t hesitate to switch it up with other proteins. Shrimp, beef, or tofu can be excellent alternatives to chicken. Feel free to use leftover cooked chicken or even rotisserie chicken to save time and add extra convenience.

3. Opt for Healthier Ingredients

If you’re looking to make a healthier version of Chicken Lo Mein, consider these substitutions:

  • Use whole wheat spaghetti or rice noodles instead of regular spaghetti for added fiber and nutrients.
  • Reduce the amount of sauce used or choose low-sodium soy sauce to lower the sodium content.
  • Replace vegetable oil with a healthier option like olive oil or avocado oil.
  • Add more vegetables to increase the nutritional value and reduce the amount of noodles used.

4. Enhance the Flavor

To elevate the taste of your Chicken Lo Mein, try incorporating these flavorful additions:

  • Add a dash of sesame oil at the end for a nutty aroma.
  • Sprinkle some chili flakes or Sriracha sauce to give it a spicy kick.
  • Garnish with sliced green onions or cilantro to add freshness and color.
  • Squeeze fresh lime or lemon juice over the dish right before serving to bring brightness to the flavors.

By exploring these tips and variations, you can create a healthy and delicious Chicken Lo Mein that suits your taste and dietary needs.

Tip/Variation Description
Choose Your Vegetables Experiment with different vegetables like snow peas, mushrooms, or baby corn.
Try Different Proteins Switch it up by using shrimp, beef, or tofu instead of chicken.
Opt for Healthier Ingredients Use whole wheat spaghetti, reduce sauce and sodium, and add more vegetables.
Enhance the Flavor Add sesame oil, chili flakes, green onions, or lime juice for extra flavor.


After learning about the deliciousness and convenience of Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein, there’s no doubt that it should be on your menu rotation. This homemade version of a popular takeout dish allows you to enjoy the flavors you love while having total control over the ingredients.

By using your Instant Pot, you can whip up this chicken lo mein recipe in no time, making it perfect for busy weeknights or when you’re craving a satisfying meal. Plus, making it at home is not only more affordable but also healthier than ordering takeout, as you can choose fresh and wholesome ingredients.

Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or a seasoned cook, don’t hesitate to try your hand at Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein. With its savory Asian sauce, tender chicken, and perfectly cooked noodles, it’s a dish that’s sure to impress your family and friends. So grab your Instant Pot and give this recipe a try today!


What is Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein?

Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein is a quick and delicious homemade recipe made using an Instant Pot. It is a healthier and more affordable alternative to takeout.

What is Chicken Lo Mein and how does it differ from Chow Mein?

Chicken Lo Mein is a Chinese dish made with spaghetti, chicken, and a variety of vegetables, all tossed in a savory Asian sauce. It is different from Chow Mein as Chow Mein typically uses crispy noodles, while Lo Mein uses soft noodles.

How do I make Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein?

To make Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein, you will need chicken, spaghetti, vegetables, and sauce. Simply add all the ingredients to the Instant Pot and cook according to the instructions. It is a one-pot meal, making it convenient and easy to clean up.

Are there any tips for making Instant Pot Chicken Lo Mein?

Yes! You can customize the recipe by using different vegetables or substituting the protein. For a healthier version, try using whole wheat spaghetti or reducing the amount of sauce used.

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